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    Sticky Ninja Academy

    What is Sticky Ninja Academy all about?

    The game is all about dealing with the Ninja. What the player has to do is to become a Sticky Ninja Master. If you think you can, then Sticky Ninja Academy is a game with specially designed features to suit your passion.

    As a Bounty Hunter, you have to pay off your student debts after you have accomplished your training. So, what are you thinking about?  Go ahead and start to clean up the sticky streets.

    How to play Sticky Ninja Academy?

    Click on ‘Allow Flash’ as the first thing. Until you click and allow it, the game will not work.


    In order to make the ninja jump to the target, you can make use of ‘mouse’.


    What you need to do is defeat the other ninjas by jumping around, which is only possible once you have become a master of Sticky Ninja Academy.


    Don’t forget to install the latest Flash Player before becoming part of the venture.