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    Papa's Hot Doggeria

    About the game ‘Papas Hot Doggeria’

    Papas Hot Doggeria Kizi was developed by Philippine Studios and it is a strategy game. Papas Hot Doggeria Y8 is a challenging game from the very beginning. The tickets for the season have been sold out with the opening day at Griller Stadium. So, it is time to handle the hot dog at the baseball park. Working for your old pal Papa Louie seems to be the only way to watch the games.

    How to get started?

    Click on the ‘Save Slot’ and get started. Catching fly balls and sitting back isn’t working for papa. To make sure that nobody is able to get creative with the names, it is possible to get the name entry disabled!

    Instruction to play Papa's Hot Doggeria

    Click and ‘Allow ‘Flash Player’ to play Papas Hot Doggeria HD.


    Click on ‘Play Now’ to start Papas Hot Doggeria Wiki.


    Make use of the mouse to control the game.