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    Fancy Pants 3

    Fancy Pants Adventure 3

    Fancy Pants 3 is an adventure game. Fancy Pants Man in his third round is summoned by the king. The royal bathtub is saved by the royal quest from a couple of dishonest pirates.

    Fancy Pants Adventure’s third world is waiting for you to play through. It’s a first class platform game that you can enjoy from the beginning to the end. So, let’s start jumping, bouncing, climbing and ducking!

    What to do in Fancy Pants 3 Unblocked?

    What you have to do is kill all the spiders and enemies by running, jumping, climbing and collecting squiggles. For the thirds time, you are asked to help Fancy Pants.

    Keyboard instructions

    • Use ‘Space’ to pause.
    • Use ‘Arrows’ to move left and right.
    • Press ‘S’ key to jump.
    The benefits of playing Fancy Pants Adventure 3
    • You can play Fancy Plan Adventure 3 on your iPad or iPhone.
    • You can play it online with your friends and other players.
    • The game is full of fun so you can have a great time.