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    Age Of War 2

    About the game ‘Age of War’

    Age of war, an epic strategy game, is all about attacking your enemy to defend your civilization. What you need to do is to make back to back stream troop. Overall, you have to defend your base and take control of fifteen diverse turrets and sixteen units by destroying your enemy.

    New troops can be built as your building evolves through five ages. However, your civilization begins with the Stone Age. Your building evolves with each subsequent age. Without a doubt, Age of War Unblocked is a very popular web game!

    How to start Age of War 3?

    You just have to point and click the adventure to get started. It’s as easy as anything. The challenge is to destroy the enemy base and try your best to survive as long as possible depending on how skillful you are.

    Instructions to play Age of War Hacked

    You can control the game Age of War Unblocked by simply making use of mouse cursor.